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Apartment Turnovers

Repair Request is your one stop apartment turnover solution. We can handle it all from the repairs to the cleaning!

Your Complete Apartment Turnover Solution


With our  innovative  restoration processes we can restore countertops, bathtubs, floors, and many other components in apartments giving them a modern fresh look all while saving thousands in renovations costs. 


If the cost and processes make more financial sense to replace versus restore we can do that to. To date we have replaced and remodeled thousands of units at competitive prices with industry best turnaround times. 


There isn’t much we can’t repair, we can repair plumbing issues, HVAC problems, drywall, painting, appliances and so much more. There is no repair to big or to small we can repair it all. 

Tech Enabled Apartment Turnovers

With our turn board you can see real time updates, percentages of completed turnover and estimated time to completion.  Our app enables you see what has been completed, what is left to be done, and provides proof of work completed with pictures, videos, and comments relative to each completed repair. 

Real time updates on how far along ever apartment unit is within the turnover process

Know exactly what tasks are completed and what tasks still need to be completed

See pictures and videos for each completed task as evidence of completion for each task.

Before/After Gallery

Bathtub Restoration

Counter Tops

Carpet Restoration

Let us show you how EASY it can be to turn your vacant units!

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