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Repair Request’s make ready service eliminates frustration and the need for multiple vendors to complete a successful make ready.

Make Ready Services

A make ready is usually the last step in making sure the rental unit which is usually a home, apartment unit or condo is ready for the next tenant to move in. It can also be a critical component in making sure that the property is appealing enough to future tenants that it not only rents quickly but also if done quickly can bring in higher rental rates. Paint, new flooring, modern light fixtures, and even some basic landscaping such as mulch and few flowers can go a long ways into getting a quality tenant quickly and competitive rental rates. Repair Request has done 100s of make readies, and understands exactly what needs to be done during a make ready to achieve those goals. We also understand that time is of the essence for property managers and that every day the home sits not rented is lost revenue for the property owner. We work urgently to complete every make ready, but also make sure all work is done with quality and care. 

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Make Ready Serivces

Why Use Repair Request for a Make Ready?

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Rather than scheduling 3-5 different vendors for one unit, Repair Request gives you an estimate for the ENTIRE JOB. From start to finish you only work with Repair Request

Quick Turnaround

With teams dedicated solely to make ready service, you can get your turn finished QUICKER. The standard turn is complete within 72 hours.

Complete Transparency

With Repair Request’s technology, you gain complete transparency into the entire life of the make-ready on your phone or computer. This gives insight into everything that was done before the tenant moved in.

Preventative Maintenance

Along with routine turnover maintenance, Repair Request adds kitchen appliance and HVAC preventative maintenance to save you money on future repairs.

Our Guarantee

Every make ready is guaranteed. If any issues comes up related to the initial scope and inspection of the turn, we will send someone out for free.

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