Preventative Property Maintenance

Reduce Unexpected Service Calls

Save Money

Happy Tenants

Did you know the average property has....

3 Repair Requests Per Year

On average a residential property has three repair or maintenance requests per year.

20 Touch Points Per Request

On each request there are 20 or more touch points on average. A touch point is a phone call, text message, email or physical meeting. Which is usually time spent finding or meeting a contractor, updating tenants on repairs, scheduling repairs, invoicing, etc...

60 Touch Points Per Year

The math works out to approximately 60 touch points or more for each property every year to handle all of the repair requests. Managing just 50 properties would be a whooping 3,000 touches a year!

Why Preventative Maintenance?

Whether you are a property manager, investor, Airbnb host or even a home owner of a single property our preventative maintenance plans can save you thousands of dollars every year in unexpected repairs and service calls. Quoting Benjamin Franklin: ” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Applies strongly to the upkeep of every property ever built residential or commercial. By doing preventative maintenance you not only prevent un-expected damages but you also can prolong the life of the properties vital components such as the water heater, furnace, air conditioner, roof, appliances and more just by doing the required maintenance recommended by the manufacturer and/or installer.

Based on our experience through our inspection processes the majority of properties are not maintained properly. This is usually due to the property owner or manager being to busy doing other important tasks or maybe they simply are not aware or unsure of all the maintenance required to maintain a property. It can be overwhelming for a homeowner owning just one property, much less a property manager struggling to maintain hundreds of properties.

By being proactive with our preventative maintenance programs you can elevate the stress of property maintenance, save thousands of dollars in unexpected
service calls and if your a property manager you can keep your tenants happy by preventing repair requests before they happen. 

Our preventative maintenance plans include the following....

Exterior & Roof








Pest Control

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