Common Repairs We Handle

We repair most things for $40

More than 98% of home repairs are handled by your Repair Manager for just $40 per hour. If parts are required, we charge members wholesale prices with no markup.

Save Up To $2,000 Per Year


Replace Thermostats
Clean condensate line
Replace air filters


Unclog defrost drain
Replace mother board
Replace evaporator fan motor


Replace main control board
Replace inlet valve
Unclog drain valve

Washer / Dryer

Replace inlet valve
Replace lid switch assembly
Replace main control board


Repair Fence Gates
Repair Exterior Lights
Repair Exterior Doors

Walls, Ceilings, Floors

Repair Drywall
Repair Flooring
Touch Up Paint


Replace garbage disposal
Fix slow drain
Replace faucet


Door knobs
Caulk shower
Replace light fixtures

Garage Door Openings

Wall Controls
Garage Door Openers
Garage Door Components


Minor Roof Repairs
Roof Leaks
Minor Gutter Repairs

Chimney & Fireplace

Chimney Cleaning
Minor Repairs
Safety Inspection

Pest Control

General Pest Control
Pest Exclusion
Pest Inspections

For complex repairs or those requiring a licensed tradesperson, like an HVAC replacement, we secure negotiated rates from pre-approved contractors who get the job done quickly. We’ll manage the repair to completion so you don’t have to think about it. Even better, you still get the best possible price.

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